TÜVASAŞ's goals are high

TÜVASAŞ's goals are high
There is a lot to write but I want to talk about TÜVASAŞ. Turkey has great importance in the development of our province Agricultural Equipment Factory, Sugar Factory and only factory in Adapazari TÜVASAŞ surviving and being privatized without destroying the TÜVASAŞ ...
The grandparents and father of many people in our city worked in these factories and supported their families through these factories…
While many scenarios are produced on TÜVASAŞ, it is very nice to see an institution in the process of self-renewal, which has made a profit today in recent years.
The previous day, I visited TÜVASAŞ General Manager Erol İnal. Inal is a name that has become “Kurdu”, so to speak.
Despite İbrahim Ertiryaki's appointment as undersecretary at the ministry, İnal, who was appointed to the General Directorate of TÜVASAŞ, is an ambitious person despite his advanced age.
Inal; “I don't know Sakarya well. I go from institution to institution and from institution to lodging. Our shift is to make TÜVASAŞ a brand. That's why I don't have the opportunity to travel now. ”
A series of works have been started in the factory. The two workshops are combined to provide a wide range of production facilities.
As in the target automotive factories to switch to the band system. In other words, the process of producing the wagon and completing the hardware phase is realized on a band.
Well, can it? If the source is created, why not? Rail transport is growing and developing rapidly.
Why would TÜVASAŞ be the number one in the field of wagons in such a period? We have experience pattern experience, qualified labor pattern room. Well, what is it?
Technological investment and more business volume! Is it enough to be in these? Of course, the idealist and ambitious management is important!
Erol Bey, as I said at the beginning, is someone who has not lost his excitement despite working life in Railways for more than 40 years. I already said it was ambitious.
I do not know if the General Manager İnal, who has a target for some people to produce the domestic train set, which looks “Dream”, with the brand of TÜVASAŞ, reaches this goal, but I believe that he will make TÜVASAŞ a strong and profitable organization while he is on duty.

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