Tunnel and Tramway in Old Istanbul

Tunnel and Tramway in Old Istanbul
Tunnel construction works started with the initiative of French engineer Eugene Henri Gavand and started at 30 June 1871. The tunnel, which is a French construction, is the second metro in history. The tunnel connecting Galata and Pera is considered the most preferred transportation route for travelers traveling between these two points. Information on the tunnel in a tourist guide printed in English at 17 is as follows:

In the summer they move between the 7: 00 and the 20: 00 every ten minutes. In winter, it works between 8: 00 and 19: 00. The tariff is 1 penny, the second position is 20. Tourists who want to keep their transportation costs low can travel to Galata by the Tunnel, by crossing the bridge and by the tram or trolley on the Istanbul side. The fee for the phaeton from the Bridge to the Grand Bazaar is 5.
In the same document, the information about the tram lines in Istanbul is UM not very comfortable, comfortable and clean ”and the following information about the 3 tram line that tourists can use:
Galata - Şişli line: From Bridge to Pera, to Taksim Garden, from Pangalti to Feriköy. The fee is 1,5 pay.
Galata line: From Bridge to Galata, Dolmabahçe, Beşiktaş to Ortaköy. The fee is 3 pay.
Istanbul line: Bridge to Yedikule and Topkapi. 3 penny.


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