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Bursa Metropolitan Municipality is now adding the airline to its range of transportation by road, rail and sea. The final preparations are carried out in the terminal buildings at Gemlik Port, where ground services will be provided between Gemlik and Istanbul Golden Horn.
In line with the goal of being a accessible city in every area of ​​Bursa, the Metropolitan Municipality, which has started a new era in the transportation of the city buses as well as the sea buses and intercity transportation, is now preparing to launch the seaplane flights between Gemlik and Istanbul Golden Horn. In preparation starts on reporting favorable opinion last year from the Golden Horn Turkey's 4 point to floatplane been serving customers with starting Seabird Airlines Corporation Chairman and CEO of Kursad Arusan with company pilots after the study they made in Gemlik has reached the final stage. Istanbul - Gemlik seaplane time in the editing work in buildings in the harbor which will provide ground services at Gemlik by BURULAŞ continued, Metropolitan Mayor Recep Altepe, examined the accompanying Gemlik Municipality vice president Refik workplace ongoing with Yilmaz.
Metropolitan Mayor Recep Altepe, Bursa - the interest launched sea buses in Istanbul has increased with each passing day, anyway to seaplane time they start their preparations on requests from citizens no longer stressed that made the final preparations. Location services are given to Gemlik Pier of two buildings on the Metropolitan Municipality leased and that the President Altepe expressed by Burulaş of the maintenance building, "when studies related to the confirmation is completed, we will have launched the latest in time within a month. With 19 airplanes, the Golden Horn will be reached by a journey from Gemlik to 15-20. The estuary is already the center of Istanbul, it is possible to reach every point you want from there. We continue our preparations for the transportation of our passengers to Gemlik and their return to the city center. I hope that seaplane flights will be beneficial to both Gemlik and Bursa. Orum

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