Trabzon Cable Car Project Diversity for Tourism Kazanwill bark

Trabzon Cable Car Project Diversity for Tourism Kazanwill bark

Within the scope of the tourism destinations carried out in Trabzon, it is aimed to extend the stay of tourists by the ropeway to the Sümela Monastery and Uzungöl.

Dr. Chairman of the Board of a company operating in the United Arab Emirates. Uzungöl Teleferik Construction Tourism and Energy Industry Trade Limited Company, founded by Necdet Kerem and businessman from Trabzon, Şükrü Fettahoğlu, on October 15, 2012, continues its efforts to implement the cable car project in Uzungöl town of Trabzon, Çaykara.

The same company, which is Turkey's one of the most important centers in terms of faith tourism, Macka located on a cliff in Montenegro's skirt in Altındere Valley in the district and 88 years later allowed for rituals on first 15 August 2010 the Sumela Monastery is also carrying out the work of establishing the 800-meter cable car.

Trabzon Governor Recep Kızılcık, AA correspondent, said in a statement, the historical and strategic importance of Trabzon, as well as the natural beauty of a city that stands out in the fore, because of these properties, the number of tourists is increasing with each passing year, he said.

Governor Kizilcik stated that about 2 million 550 thousands of local and foreign tourists visited the city last year and said, ziyaret We continue our efforts to increase this number. We are carrying out various projects in order to revive all kinds of tourism in Trabzon. History, culture, nature, congress to continue to revive tourism and there are several studies that we plan to do, Tarih he said.

Governor Kızılcık stated that the project started to build a cable car both in Sümela Monastery and Uzungöl within the scope of these studies, and said, “The project development studies are continuing. Maybe it may not be the season of this year, but I am sure that the ropeways will catch up in the summer season of 2014. Thus, we will have the opportunity to realize a project that has been dreaming for many years. ”

Governor Kızılcık emphasized that the sharing of natural beauties with humanity can only be possible by publicity. Ğ We are trying to participate in the fairs and various activities organized in the countries we have chosen in order to realize this. We attended the fairs organized in various countries and provinces from Moscow to Berlin, from Dubai to Riyadh and shared our beauty. '

On one hand, history isn't a nature.

Governor Kızılcık, tourism for those who increase the stay and increase the duration of their options, stating that, said:

Var The people who come have no desire to stay in the hotel only for a week or to visit the nature, but to participate in different activities every day. Therefore, one of the projects that can respond to this desire is the ropeway project. I have seen the project closely, I know, a spectacular nature-view cable car project where you can see Uzungöl from every meter. In the same way, the visitors will have the chance to see the historical monuments in Sümela with our natural beauties in a different perspective from each different centimeter. On the one hand, history, on the one hand nature will warn people of both depth and freedom. In short, our people will have the chance to see all the beauties that they desire. Kıs

Governor's Cranberry, reminiscent of the fact that the tourism master plan works in Çakırgöl, which is located on the 15 kilometer of the Sumela Monastery, continues.

“We are about to finish the road of Çakırgöl. When the work is finished, we will have the opportunity to see both Sumela and ski tourism on the same route. The same goes for Uzungol. From the top of Uzungol, we found that there are incredible opportunities for natural, winter tourism. We continue to work to be declared a tourism area. Thus, these ropeways will also contribute to winter tourism. We aim to bring Trabzon to the infrastructure that will make tourism during 12 months. In line with this goal, we care about the cable car projects to Sumela Monastery and Uzungöl.

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