Trabzon Logistics Center Discussion

Trabzon Logistics Center Discussion
In the TTSO, 4 shared its annual mandate with the public at a press conference yesterday. TTSO Chairman Suat Hacısalihoğlu'nun told the activities of the logistics center and TTSO elections were marked.
President Hacısalihoğlu stated that a team from abroad was expected to establish a logistics center, while Ali Osman Ulusoy, Chairman of the Board of Directors of TTSO said, lojistik there is no hesitation. First, you need to make a decision? Ev he said.
Logistics Center Waiting for Experts
Hacısalihoğlu made a statement about the logistics to be established and said, yapan TTSO has launched a project on the establishment of the logistics center. It was a project to take advantage of EU funds, and then this project remained in the middle. The funds were used elsewhere. Then we started a study together with the development agency. Alternative places are being investigated. It was first thought about land around the 280 landmark in Deliklitaş. Because it is compatible with the harbor and the railroad. Then the work for the logistics center began. As a result of these reports, we examined the last places in Germany. For a city like Trabzon as the area of ​​the centers sat the logic of having 800 1000 turning around. We've moved a little further into the area as little. We said we should have had another search for the place. We also said that it would be more positive for the reports to come from a consultant organization. But there was debate in the city. A lot of places came up. It is a logistics center that is important to us, so we can always decide where the most appropriate place experts. Investigations are continuing in this direction. They will be coming in the coming days and taking their suggestions into consideration. A logistics center will be established in Trabzon, but it will become clear after the location of the expert irk.
We did our part in the elections
He made a statement that the duty on the TTSO Hacısalihoğlu beliterek elections, "began a new era after the NACE system in Turkey. NACE coding system was asked by our companies themselves. The revenue administration also realized this system by working. The NACE system is ultimately a coding system carried out in the company's own declaration. NACE codes are on 2 bin 200. While these Nace codes were placed in the TOBB authority, the number of members of the cities as well as the occupational groups with the number of cities were taken into consideration in accordance with the legislation. The last 35 occupational group in Trabzon was the previous 26 occupational group. And 94 was our councilor.
The important thing here is that, as TTSO, our number of members was now below 5000 in the previous elections. Therefore, the number of professional committees has also changed. If we look at this way, even if the current 35 group is on 5000, we have done a study. The 8 occupational group will release 3 members who will remove the 2 member. That's why we worked. In the old system, our occupational groups are coming to 75. On the other hand, objections to professional groups were evaluated in the parliament. We went to Ulusoy with TOBB and conveyed our wishes from our members. They also reported that they would respond by talking to the ministry, and then the elections were advanced. Finally look forward to a post. According to the information we have received, TOBB has written, we expect the details. But in the information, TOBB will evaluate the demands and forward it to the ministry. Therefore, we believe that we are doing our part bulundu.
”Çamburnu is enough for trabzon“
As for the logistics center, Ulusoy said,, There are different topics in the logistics center. I think that this city, which started in Çamburnu under the current conditions, will see the 100 business of the year. Of course, I can not say anything in the Prime Minister Prime Minister can not say anything. First of all it is necessary to make a decision. You have to stand over here and say yes or no. In my opinion, I think Çamburnu is enough to be built in Trabzon around the world.

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