2 million TL source for Black Sea Technical University for flying train project (Video)

2 million TL resource to Karadeniz Technical University for the flying train project
The project of Karadeniz Technical University was put into the 2023 vision of TÜBİTAK. Prof. Ekrem Yavuz said "We will succeed, it will fly" for the crystal growth project.
Turkish scientists are preparing to make a great breakthrough in the advanced technology race: Flying train. Karadeniz Technical University Physics Department, Superconductivity Research Group, which prototyped the magnetic rail train that reaches a speed of 586 kilometers per hour and can travel over 2 centimeters of the rails, presented this project to TÜBİTAK. TUBITAK (The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey) project was put on the 4 vision and gave 2023 million pounds source.
Head of KTU Physics Department Prof. Dr. Ekrem Yanmaz and his team started the 'Crystal Growth Project' 4 years ago. According to the project, the mass would be kept in the air. For this, the elements of yttrium, barium and copper oxide were combined in the first place. Samarium, which has a higher melting temperature, was then placed on top of these elements using the inoculation-melting-growing (ball seed) technique. Elements of 100 millimeters at a melting temperature of 13 degrees crystallized around Samarium, which served as a center. In the next stage of the experiment, the melting temperature was lowered by 1 degree per hour. The powdered elements reached a size of 10 centimeters in 4.5 days, and their weight increased to 75 grams. In the last phase of the experiment; The crystal, reaching 75 grams, was mounted to a 9 kilogram weight and placed in a magnetic environment. The weight that carried the crystal that became a superconductor was suspended in the air. Later, a 586-meter prototype of the magnetic rail train, whose speed reached 2 kilometers per hour, was built. The crystal mass was placed on the floor of the train and put on rails. The driven train managed to go 2 centimeters high with zero friction.
Head of the project, Prof. Dr. Ekrem Fireproof, Maglev is implemented in China and Germany, and said they only made the prototype of themselves in Turkey. Yanmaz said, “Both the mass in the train and the magnet in the rails are conductors with the same pole. That's why they are pushing each other. Naturally, the train stays in the air ”he said. Stating that scientists in Germany have now managed to grow 5 kilograms of crystals, Yanmaz said, "The larger the mass, the greater the buoyancy," he said. Noting that the magnetic rail system is expensive, Yanmaz said, “This is a high-tech race. The two countries say 'we do this'. Turkey will remain only in the prototype. With the support of TÜBİTAK, we will enlarge our project and turn it into passenger transportation ”. Fireproof said they started using boron for the study, "the reserves of this mineral in Turkey is sufficient proportion to the entire world. We produce the superconductor by combining magnesium and boron mine. Its name is; MgB2. "The current carrying and buoyancy strength of these two mines are higher."

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