TCDD Konya puts alcohol on YHT flights

TCDD Konya puts alcohol on YHT flights
A new ring has been added to the baş alcoholic forbidden m chain. A ban on drinking was started in the trains, schools, cemeteries and places near the mosques and picnic areas. State Railways stopped selling alcohol in the trains operating in Konya.
Eymir Lake, Santral Istanbul, police stations, schools, mosques and cemeteries near places after a ban on the state came from the railways.
Sözcü According to the newspaper; State Railways of the Republic of Turkey, once a part of the "passengers uncomfortable" stopped selling alcohol on the grounds. According to the information given by the authorities to the newspaper; It was stated that alcohol sales were stopped in Konya and there was no restriction on other lines.
The alcoholic beverages were removed from the menu of trains, and alcohol sales were banned, while restaurant officials said they had found the ban commercially and were uncomfortable with the situation.
According to the newspaper's allegations, the ban started in Konya on the other train lines due to Gaz no alcohol ”.

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