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TCDDden Blood Description
The allegations that the security officers were beaten to death by a police officer at Yenikapi Train Station, known for its close proximity to DISK, were denied by the General Directorate of TCDD.'in news "with no money in the pocket" Ö.G. The 17-20 group of civilian and uniform 30-XNUMX people are taken together by a security guard while the XNUMX young person named XNUMX wants to get on a free train. The u injured ”child was beaten again, security guards sprayed the passengers with tear gas and spray, Ö.G.'s finger was broken and his face was in the blood.
In the statement of TCDD, all information, except for Ö.G's name and the free ride to the train, was reported to be a lie and imagination. I The news is one of the great examples of the transformation of an event, the alienation of an event. Mes In the opening of the TCDD, the following were recorded:
Ir Yenikapı station has not only tek security guards “but also security guards. Ö.G. young, wanted to take the train with the reverse turnstile friends, the security guard has tried to prevent the need by duty, Ö.G. and the security guard's nose was broken. In the meantime, next to Ö.G. also attacked the security forces. Ö.G.'s finger breakage event, the security officer thrown the punch can not adjust the balance. 20-30 security guard came to the scene, the child was beaten, the passengers spray and pepper gas sprayed allegations of döv ği messenger shows how talented in writing lies. Because, Yenikapı-Halkalı There is no 20-30 security guard at all at this time. The incident has been brought to safety and the issue has been recorded. The blood in the bloody photograph on the site is not the broken finger of Ö.G. The fact that a site claiming to defend the right of the laborer, who was injured by the platform and train bullies, is a cruel and brutal worker who has been the victim of his duty, also shows from which window the site in question works and laborers.

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