TCDD Bandırma - Balıkesir - Manisa - Menemen Line Electrification Facilities Establishment tender 1., 2., And 5. and the approval of the Board of Directors has been completed.

New developments have been recorded in the tender for the Establishment of Electrification Facilities for the Bandırma - Balıkesir - Manisa - Menemen Line Section of the General Directorate of Turkish State Railways (TCDD).
According to the information received by the Investments Magazine; 1., 2., and 5. and the approval of the Board of Directors was obtained. Tender 1. 22.097.676 lira for part, 2. with the offer of 19.336.827 pounds for the part of Şahin Yılmaz Energy - Emre Ray Energy joint venture, 5. Yapı Merkezi firm won the bid for 24.930.442 liras for the part.
As is known, previously, Aykon Elektrik company 1., 2., 5. and for the part of Şahin Yılmaz - Emre Ray joint venture 1., 2. and 5. KIK, which evaluated its objection for the section, decided to take corrective action at the tender. 3. and 4. 05 June 2012 3 with the joint venture. 22.398.272 lira for part, 4. the contract was signed for 23.159.441 lira.
The tender will be remembered, 1. 18.721.088 lira for part, 2. 16.414.937 lira for part and 5. Savronik Elektronik had won the 20.848.764 TL offer for the part. Other firms participating in the tender were:
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2. Anel Electric
3. Alstom Grid
4. Dalkıranlar A.Ş.
5. E + M Electric
6. Gülermak Inc.
7. Savronik Electronics
8. Siemens
9. Ultra Technology - Nas İnşaat

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