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Altepe should ask for unnecessary expenditure

Metropolitan Bld. I watch the work of our President. It is a pity that some investments save money, and some money is wasted. As the applications concern us all, I ask: İncirli Cd. On 28.5.2011, a tram was commissioned for transportation between the Tatarlik Bridge and the Fire Brigade. But something was forgotten in the project. Nostalgia Tramway Maintenance House was built in an architecture that does not fit its name, like a transformer building. The façade was covered with subsequent criticism. The additional expenditure of this was certain.
a) The additional cost was collected from the staff who prepared the project incomplete?
b) Did the contractor pay?
c) Or did it come out of the people of Bursa?
One and a half years ago, green artificial grasses were attached to the wall of the rail system between Davutdede station and Arabayatağı. Herbs were illuminated by led light. This is an expensive system. A lot of money has been spent. And because the work was poured due to poor quality manufacturing, it was dismantled, the walls were painted green. After 1 months, the paints swelled and repainted. I guess this wasn't done for free. In addition, between the Gökdere and Davutdede light rail systems, the illumination of the viaduct composites, which did not illuminate itself, was laid on the viaduct composites, but the leds started to pour after 3 months. Those who want to compare the quality of the work can look at the led lighting in other bridges. Led lightings Sn. If the president examines himself, he can see how poor quality he is. The aesthetic thought and effort of the President is positive. But the money of the people is sad. While the transportation, pavement, infrastructure and asphalt problems of many streets are still stopping, spending money on day-to-day, palliative works, waste and waste instead of essential duty.
Sec. Dir. accountants should ask account. Respectfully.
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