Turkey to Speed ​​Train Link to Europe


Speed ​​Train Link to Turkey to Europe: Bulgarian Ambassador Krassimir Tulech that he expressed that there's been so good cooperation between the two countries. Tulechki said that this cooperation is the border, transportation, infrastructure and human mobility. H The road connecting Edirne to Bulgaria is complete. By the end of 2014, the high-speed railroad between the two countries will be completed. This will be the high-speed train connects Turkey to Western Europe. The speed of the high-speed train was calculated to be over 200. In Bulgaria this will be completed in 2014. It will be completed from the Serbian border to Edirne. Sırbistan

From Bulgaria to Turkey went a million 200 thousand tourists every year, from and that Turkey is reminiscent of 200 thousand people came to the country Tulech that "Bulgaria has abolished the visa requirement for a significant cut in order to ensure easy entry of Turkish citizens. Schengen visa and green passport with visa-free entry. We are talking about millions of people in this category. Bu

Referring to the issue of illegal immigration, the Bulgarian Ambassador said: isi This is not a matter for Turkish citizens. Turkey and Bulgaria concerns. Those who illegally cross the border from Bulgaria are not Turkish citizens. When we look at the last three years, it is seen that very few Turkish citizens illegally crossed into Bulgaria. Those who make this transition are foreigners. The authorities of the two countries are already cooperating in illegal migration. Zaten Noting the point of cooperation between the two countries, Tulechki reminded that 20-30 was shared daily between Turkish and Bulgarian officials.

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