Artificial snow will be snowed for snowboard championship

palandoken ski resort
palandoken ski resort

In Palandöken Ski Center, which will host the Snowboard World Youth Championship between 1-11 March 2013, artificial measures have been taken, as before the 2011 World Universities Winter Games, since there was not enough snow. While grass is laid on the ground in the construction of the runway, water is transported to the pond by tankers for artificial snow making, and snow is carried from the snowy regions with trucks.

In Palandöken, artificial measures are taken, as before the 19 World Universities Winter Games, in order to build the ramps to be used in the Snowboard World Junior Championship, where nearly 200 athletes from 2011 countries will participate. For this, 25 tons of grass collected from the villages were laid on the tracks. In addition, for the production of artificial snow, water is carried to the pond next to the Provincial Special Administration Guest House by tankers and snow is carried from the snowy regions with trucks.

Provincial Representative Nevzat Bayraktar stated that they made extraordinary efforts to get out of the world championship, which will be held between March 1-11, as in the winter games. Nevzat Bayraktar said, “We reinforce the pond with a water capacity of 20 thousand cubic meters next to the Private Administration Guest House with tankers rented by the Governorship for the continuous operation of artificial snow making machines. 18 tankers, each receiving 25 tons of water, provide water to the pond all day long. We continue to carry snow to Palandöken with 50 trucks from different parts of Erzurum.

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