Izmir Halkapınar Station starts its second renovation on Sunday

Izmir Halkapınar Station starts its second renovation on Sunday
İzmir Büyükşehir Municipality, which lifts a section of the 1,85-meter steel pedestrian bridge in Halkapınar Station to 7 meters and install lifts with two-way escalators, will now renovate the second part of the bridge towards the metro direction. Here, the width of the 2,60 meter will be increased to 4 meters, and the three stairs that are fixed will be increased to six and converted to the escalator and the upper part will be closed. The project will cost 2 million 270 thousand pounds. ESHOT will take interim measures from Sunday to ensure that transport will not be affected during expansion efforts.
Büyükşehir Municipality, Halkakınar Station, which provides the integration between the Aliağa-Menderes Suburban System (İZBAN) and İzmir Metro; continues to work. Within this scope, the municipality, which opens the first part of the steel bridge which provides the pedestrian crossings to Çınarlı direction, opens the access to Çınarlı direction and starts the construction works in the second part. A number of measures were taken in order to prevent the victims from being victimized because the access to the transfer center called cular Halkapınar 1 Bu could not be provided during the operation.
According to the provisional application of the General Directorate of ESHOT on 24 February 2013 Sunday, the last stop of the Fahrettin Altay Transfer Center-Halkapınar Metro Bus 12 has been taken from Halkapınar 1 to the transfer center on the Çınarlı (sea) side called ağı Halkapınar 2 H. increased frequency. In addition, Halkapınar 1 and Halkapınar 2 ring between the 888 number of flights, the frequency of the line was increased.

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