Scholarships infuriate vending machines

Scholarships infuriate vending machines
I am not a lawyer, but I can hardly imagine the consequences of the following situation for consumer rights. 'Taking his money and not giving the product' I think in its simplest form fits the definition of fraud. What I'm talking about is the automatic product purchase machines in Bursaray stations that carry the label of a company called Vending Republic, where it is impossible to reach the customer service phone. Until today I have persistently 'improved' with the hope of many times trying to take my money and I refuse to give the product I'm complaining about these machines. Not to reach the customer service, even if you reach the insistence of reaching a solution. Last but not least, I've been waiting for the 11 since February. I have no more to say to the company. But I have a question for Burulaş. You have as much responsibility for this machine as for the company. Their control is not done at all, no complaints about it does not.
Berhan Soner

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