Reference to Samsun Logistics Center

Reference to Samsun Logistics Center
STSO President Murzioğlu said, “This big project is a reference for Samsun Logistics Center. Our city is getting one step closer to this ideal with its sea-rail combined transportation investment.
Samsun Trade and Industry Chamber President (STSO) Salih Zeki Murzioğl is, in relation to the Samsun-Kavkaz railway will be commissioned Ferry Line, "which has the potential to become Turkey's logistics center in Samsun, with sea-railway combined transportation investment one step closer to this ideal approaching ”commented.
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Sea-railway combined transportation between Turkey and Russia to make the port of Samsun on 19 February of Transportation built facility, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Binali Yildirim and Russian Federation Minister of Transport Maxim. Salih said that they experienced the joy of having to open Y. Sokolov services Clever Murzioğl is "due to the different track gauges in the railways, which are important actors in the Black Sea basin had quite a significant deficiency in the combined transport operations between Turkey and Russia. The Samsun-Kavkaz ferry line project, the Russian cars that meet the TCDD props for the completion of the work of the initiated ferry bogie changing station in 2005 wheels sets, according to the Turkish railway line opening (UIC) is replacing the wheel sets and cars can be transported in transit to the Middle East and Europe via Turkey. In addition, we have made a significant progress in shortening transportation costs and times ”.
Russia 2015 bilateral trade volume of $ 100 billion as targeted an environment in Samsun-Kavkaz project Noting that great importance Murzioğl with Turkey, "This project will contribute 100 billion goal., Turkey will contribute to the activities in the region Hosting such an important project as Samsun is of great importance for us. Because the goals we set for Samsun to be a logistics center are obvious. This investment is a reference for Samsun Logistics Center ”.
Turkey and Russia Ministers of Transport of the plant, which will be inaugurated with the participation of Samsun, Turkey and wished to be beneficial for Russia Salih Zeki Murzioğl, "the owner of that alternative transportation infrastructure, geo-due to its strategic location which has the potential to become Turkey's logistics center in Samsun, sea-railway combined "It is one step closer to this ideal with its transportation investment."

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