Samsun light rail system

Samsun light rail system
The length of the 1st Stage of Samsun Light Rail Transportation System in use is 17,2 km in total between the station and the University. The maximum speed of the system is 70 km per hour, but the average commercial speed is used as 30 km per hour. Vehicles that will serve every 4 minutes use 21 stops. which will be launched in October 2010. Passenger transportation system is transported 90 thousand per day.
TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS OF THE TRAINS USED IN THE SYSTEM: Vehicle length: 32 meter Vehicle width: 2,65 meter Vehicle height: 3,30 meter (without catenary) Vehicle weight: 43,5 tone Vehicle capacity (6 passenger / m2): 62 sitting + 217 standing = total 279 passenger + 2 disabled passenger There are 3 double bladed, 2 single bladed doors on each side. There is a driver's cab at both ends of the vehicle. 100V DC Maximum speed of the vehicle: 750 Km / h The vehicle has a 70 traction motor. The vehicle has a built-in announcement system. Vehicles have heating, ventilation and cooling system. Vehicles is manufactured by ANSALDOBREDA in Italy.
Total 16 train
8 mutual train services
Train expedition intervals 4dk at peak hours, 10dk during normal hours.
In the first part, the route is between the Gar-Rectorate.
The system has a total 21 stall.
Travel time between Gar-Rectorate 31dk.
The average operating speed of trains is 30km / h.
The highest acceleration is 70km / h.
PAUSE is: Samsun Light Rail System was created in pauses;
1 Gar
2 Republic Square
3 Opera
4 Port
5 Youth Park
6 Flashlight
7 Baruthane
8 Faculty of Education
9 Highways
10 Marine Homes
11 Municipality of Atakum
12 Cumhuriyet District
13 Turkish Business
14 eLivatives
15 Coban
16 Atakent
17 New Neighborhood
18 Kurupelit
19 Pelitköy
20 Gulf
21 University

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