Official opening ceremony of Samsun Kavkaz Train Ferry Line 19 in February

Official opening ceremony of Samsun Kavkaz Train Ferry Line 19 in February
Combined cargo transportation from Russia to Central Asia and the Middle East
The official opening ceremony of the Samsun Kavkaz Train Ferry Line, which provides the
The Minister of Communication and the Minister of Transport of the Russian Federation Maxim Y.
19 with the participation of SOKOLOV February 2013 On Tuesday at 11.00 Samsun Port Sanayi
It's on the docks.
unachievable due to the different railway opening of the railway line between Turkey and Russia
In order to make transport possible, the 2005 was launched in Samsun-Kavkaz between the Train
With the establishment of the Ferry Line Project; wagons with wide span train from Kavkaz port of Russia
ferries, Samsun port, Samsun port in the Turkish railway line clearance
(UIC) to be exchanged by bogies on the railway or in our country
It carries cargo to Middle East and European countries. TCDD not suitable for the Russian
The cargoes in the wagons are transferred to the highway vehicles or TCDD wagons in Samsun port.
Samsun - Kavkaz train ferry line 22 has been running since December 2010.
The 2.298 wagon carried about 63 thousand tons of cargo.
With the project, our country has approximately 400 million inhabitants in the hinterland, north-south and west-east
will come to an active position on the corridors.
The investment cost is 10 million TL and the first phase is planned to carry 200.000 tons per year.
-Türkiye combined with creating a transport system in Russia, transportation costs
to reduce and reduce transport times.
-Turkey and will contribute to the development of trade between Russia, will be made to the Black Sea port
develop TRACECA corridor with links.
-Turkey and out of Russia, countries bordering the Black Sea in (Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria), Turkic
Republics and Scandinavian countries in the Mediterranean, Middle East, Central Asia, India and China
also provide.
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