Samsun Kavkaz Railway Ferry Commenced

samsun kavkaz railway ferry line officially put into service video photo gallery
samsun kavkaz railway ferry line officially put into service video photo gallery

Samsun-Kavkaz Train Ferry Line, which provides combined freight transport from Russia to Central Asia and the Middle East, through our country, Samsun Harbor on Tuesday, February 19, 2013, by the Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Building, Yıldırım, and the Minister of Transport of the Russian Federation Maxim Y. Sokolov. It was put into service at the Industrial Quay.


Turkey-Russia Railway and Road Multimodal Transport Project Speaking at the opening of the Samsun-Kavkaz Train Feri Line into service within the scope of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Binali Yildirim, studies in 2005, started and passed the trial run with the signing of a formal contract in 2010. Project with Turkey and Russia, two He stated that rail and sea combined transport that will connect the friendly country will be carried out.

Stating that the Black Sea constitutes the border of the two countries and has played an important role in the development of trade between Russia and Turkey throughout history, Yıldırım explained that this task has been performed in the same way today in parallel with the development of relations between Russia and Turkey. He emphasized that it is aimed to increase to 33 billion dollars in 2015 in the next few years. Stating that in order to achieve this goal, trade should be increased by diversifying transportation, Yıldırım continued as follows: “As of today, there are flights to Russia with combined road and sea transportation. With this line, which we will officially put into service today, we have started the combined rail-sea transportation. The dimensions of the rail clearances in Russia and Turkey are different from each other. We never saw this as a problem. We decided to build a bogie changing station in Samsun Port to implement this project.

Now, the bogies of the wagons coming from the Russian Federation from the north of the Black Sea can be changed in a short time and easily adapt to the railway network of the Republic of Turkey, and the wagons from here can travel to Anatolia to the south, west and east of the country.
This transport only Yıldırım underlined that there was no transport between the Russian Federation and Turkey, "it is also through all Anatolia from the Balkans we also TRACECA line is an important line that can be used in Central Asia and the Far East, leading to major transportation corridors. As well as Turkey through the Middle East, to the west of the country's interior through Russia and eastern enhanced so as to be integrated into the existing railway line, our freight in the coming years to meet seamlessly is a very important project. "He said.


Minister of Transport of the Russian Federation Maxim Y. Sokolov said that the line is an indication of the development of friendship relations as well as neighborly relations between the two countries.
Touching on the goal of developing trade between the two countries, Minister Sokolov noted that they could do this by opening new corridors, new lines and ensuring the flow of cargo, and that a board was established for the operation of the line in order for the project to operate more successfully. Sokolov said, “I think that this board will do very serious work on the operation of the line and increasing the participants. Efforts will be made to further simplify bill of lading in railways and maritime transport and to facilitate the issuance of documents. ” said.


TCDD General Director in his speech Suleyman Karaman, Turkey and Russia Train Feri Line, as well as in terms of combined transport model, in terms of creating a north-south transport corridors stressed that it has the first of its kind.

The project's work that started in 2005, with railways Turkey due to the different track gauges of Russian railways direct rail transport is made inability obstacles to the port of Samsun in the field of bogie exchange facility founded removed expresses Karaman, Samsun, starting on December 22, 2010 - Kavkaz line train-ferry up to date with test runs He noted that 62 thousand tons of cargo were carried by 2.298 wagons on 63 mutual flights.

Karaman; Ve The bogies of the wagons loaded from the port of Kavkaz were exchanged at the Samsun port and the cargoes were transported to the Mediterranean, Europe, Asia and the Middle East via rail. The investment cost is 10 million TL; It will also ensure the development of the TRACECA corridor through connections to Poti and Georgia's Varna ports. Gür

Karaman, creating a combined transport system between Turkey and Russia, said that the reduction of transport costs and transport time of year is the target transport 200 thousand tons at the first stage, which will provide train-ferry line to be shortened.

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