Samsun Kavkaz Railway Ferry Line 19 opens in February

Samsun Kavkaz Railway Ferry Line 19 opens in February
The facilities constructed at Samsun Port within the scope of Samsun Kavkaz Railway Ferry Line Project will be opened with the participation of the ministers of the two countries.
Turkey and the facilities in the port of Samsun to the sea-railway combined transportation between Russia, Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Binali Yildirim and Russian Transport Minister Maxim. With the participation of Y. Sokolov, 19 will open in February with a ceremony.
The project will be carried to the Port of Samsun with the wide line openings being put on the train ferries from Kavkaz Port of Russia. Wheels sets the appropriate Russian wagons on the TCDD out gauge, the facility was established in the port of Samsun, according to the Turkish railway line opening (UIC) will be replaced with wheel sets and cars can be transported in transit to the Middle East and Europe via Turkey.
The Russian wagon loads of unsuitable props for the Turkish State Railways TCDD wagons or transferred to road cars will be shipped to the destination port of Samsun in Turkey. Likewise, the opposite direction of transport will be made.
With the project cost 10 million pounds, the corridor of Europe, Caucasus, Asian Transport Corridor (TRACECA) will be developed with the connections to Georgia's Poti and Bulgaria's Varna ports.
creating a combined transport system between Russia and Turkey that would permit a shortening of the reduction of transport costs and transport time project through Turkey, Russia, the Black Sea coast of Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkic Republics and the Scandinavian countries; Mediterranean, Middle East, Central Asia, India and China.

Source : the www.gazetem.r


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