Sakarya City Rail System Survey Result: AdaRay


The Sakarya Urban Rail System survey result was AdaRay, with the choice of the citizen. Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Zeki Toçoğlu announced that the name of the Urban Rail System, which will start between Adapazarı and Arifiye, was determined by a survey study. Mayor Toçoğlu said, “I would like to thank our fellow countrymen who participated in our survey and determined the name of the rail system. AdaRay said, "Good luck."

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Ziya Toçoğlu, the Mayor of Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality, launched a survey on the City Rail System launched on the social media and then carried out on the corporate website of the Metropolitan Municipality. President Toçoğlu, kamuoyu Metropolitan Municipality, after the train stop from Istanbul Sakarya due to the High Speed ​​train works, cooperated with TCDD City Center - Arifiye between the studies carried out and shared this work with the public. Now our work has come to an end. Our stations are running out. Our train sets are here. Final preparations are being made. Hopefully in a very short time between Arifiye - Adapazari flights will start içerisinde.

The results of the Sakarya City Railway System survey

Üzere About two weeks ago, we initiated a survey to take the preference of our citizens on the name of the rail system through social media, bir said President Zeki Toçoğlu. Our citizens showed interest in our survey. We thank them all individually. Total 8220 votes were cast. 330 alternative name proposed. AdaRay ranks first with 1675 votes. The name of Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality's Rail System works was 'AdaRay' with the determination of our own people. We think that this will be a good base for all the rail system works we will do in the future, get better for our city, lı he said.

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