Fast train of the century is not late for the Bridge of the Gulf Crossing

Fast train of the century is not late for the Bridge of the Gulf Crossing
3 has not yet escaped the opportunity for a railway line on the Bay Bridge, which was removed by the Ministry of Transport a year ago. This line is important for transportation between Bursa and Ankara-İstanbul and İstanbul-İzmir.
Those who follow these columns know ortasında When the Gebze-Orhangazi-İzmir Highway project, which will start from Istanbul and pass through Bursa, will be reached, there is also a railway line in the middle of the highway lanes on the İzmit Bay Bridge.
On the Ulaştırma cost objection ey of the contractors who undertake the construction of the motorway, the Ministry of Transport in the year 2009 drew out the project with the addendum.
When the railway line was removed from the bridge, Necati Şahin, the President of the Chamber of Civil Engineers, brought the issue to the public agenda and found support from the city for its calls.
State Minister Faruk Çelik, who was the political authority of the period in Bursa, brought the issue to the Council of Ministers and stated that taşı Prime Minister Erdoğan said that additional bridges could be made if necessary Dön.
We also announced that development from these columns. But it was almost forgotten by the 3 year.
Until Ta
Labor and Social Security Minister Faruk Çelik until the remembrance of the station.
It is a fact Şu
From Bursa to Istanbul, Ankara-Istanbul and Istanbul-Izmir high-speed train lines are also of great importance.
Necati Şahin, President of IMO, who came to the media again yesterday after 3 year, made an important warning:
Için The opportunity for the project of the century hasn't escaped yet. The project continues and can be corrected with a minor revision. Proje
He not only warned, but also made suggestions for the project.
For example…
According to the ongoing project, the Ankara-Istanbul high-speed train line, which is 533 kilometers, will land at 484 kilometers if it passes through the Bay Bridge.
As a new alternative, starting from Bursa Center, the highway route will be followed and if the bridge is reached, the Bursa-Gebze region will be reduced to 75 kilometers.
He also gave me the account of travel time:
Da If the railway line is re-added to the Bay Bridge, or a new bridge is built for the railway; When the Yenişehir intersection is taken, the 2 hour reaches the 15 minute by the high speed train between Bursa and Istanbul, which is expected to be 30 minutes. Ehir
Expanded account:
Olur 2 hours between Bursa and Ankara will be 15 minutes. 1 hours between Bursa and Izmir are taken in 30 minutes. 2 hours between Istanbul-Ankara 30 minutes, Istanbul-Izmir between the 2 hour descends.

Source: Ahmet Emin YILMAZ - is

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