Ray thief was shot in the foot

Ray thief was shot in the foot
Abdülkadir Avcı (67), who worked for a subcontractor company working for the State Railways in Mersin, was shot in the foot according to the person who wanted to steal the iron on the railway. While the injured person was being treated at Mersin State Hospital, the suspect was caught by police teams.
Abdülkadir Avcı, who works in a subcontractor company that is engaged in the logistics construction of the State Railways in the Akdeniz district, Özgürlük Mahallesi, argued with the person named NE (48), who allegedly wanted to steal the iron bars on the railways. After the discussion, NE fired at Avcı's feet with a blank revolving gun. Injured Avcı was treated in Mersin State Hospital, where he was taken with a private car. NE, who resisted the police teams for a while with a gun and knife in his hand, was later neutralized and detained.
The police launched an investigation into the incident.

Source : www.sabah.com.t is



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