Uzbekistan railway begins construction

ozbekistan railway construction begins
ozbekistan railway construction begins

It is reported that Uzbekistan will start construction of a railway that will connect the cities of Mezari Sharif and Andhoy to neighboring Afghanistan this year. SIGAR (Special Reconstruction for Reconstruction), which is preparing a report for the US Congress, will start the construction of the 2013 kilometer railway which will connect the cities of Afghanistan's Mezari Sharif and Andhoy in 230. specified.

According to the action plan agreed by 2012 country officials at the October 10 in China, 2015 members of the Central Asia Regional Economic Cooperation Program (CAREC), the said railway is expected to be completed in XNUMX. -Andhoy-Herat railway project is a part of the recording, in this context, the State Railways of Uzbekistan, this year will begin the construction of the railway will begin the cities of Mezari Sharif and Andhoy said. Earlier, Uzbekistan Railways Authority official Nevruz Erkinov stated that the railway, which was established by the State Railways of Uzbekistan and which extends from Hayratan to Mezar Sharif, was ready to establish a railway line in the future, first to the capital Kabul and then to the Iranian border of Afghanistan. .

In 2010, the Uzbek State Railways Administration, the 165 million dollar loan of the Asian Development Bank and the 5 million-dollar resources of the Afghan government, the total length of Afghanistan that connects Hayratan and Mezar Sharif cities on the border with Uzbekistan, 106 kilometers Hayratan-Mezari Sheriff railway construction He had opened.

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