Uzbekistan wants to build rail in Afghanistan

wants to make railroad in ozbekistan afghanistan
wants to make railroad in ozbekistan afghanistan

Uzbekistan Railways is reported to be ready to establish a railway linking Afghanistan to the cities of Mezar-i Sharif and Kabul.

Nevruz Erkinov, the official of the State Railways Authority of Uzbekistan, at the press conference, said that the total length of the Uzbek railway company, which connects Hayratan and Mezar-ı Şerif cities of Afghanistan, located on the border of Uzbekistan in 2010, has completed the construction of the 106 kilometer railway and 10 railway bridge.

Erkinov said that they were ready to establish a railway line that would link the railway, which extends to Mezar-i Sharif, in the future, first to the capital Kabul, then to the Iranian border of Afghanistan.
In 2010, Uzbekistan State Railways completed the construction of 165 million-dollar Hayratan-Mezar-i Sharif railway with 5 million dollar loan of Asian Development Bank and 170 million dollar source of Afghanistan government.


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