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The victory of transportation has been dolmuşçuların
SAMSUN Metropolitan Municipality changed the way of minibuses working in the same way as the rail system opened in service in 2010.
The minibuses then sued the District Administrative Court. The administrative court, on the other hand, has canceled the municipality's route change, arguing that the rail system is far from the ideal transport distance of 300 meters and therefore prompted people to use their private cars instead of public transport.
Samsun Metropolitan Municipality opened the light rail system from the city center to the Ondokuz Mayıs University in October 2010. After a while, Metropolitan Municipality Transportation and Coordination Center (UKOME) decided to change Kurupelit-Faculty minibus line and implemented it. Upon this, the dolmists protested this decision by taking actions, while filing a lawsuit for the annulment of the decision taken to the Regional Administrative Court. The case was concluded at the Administrative Court and the court stated that the municipality's decision to change the route was not based on scientific work. In the report prepared by the expert committee, it was stated that it is the most important artery connecting Samsun city center and the university in the field of transportation and that there is no alternative axis to provide this connection. The delegation also explained that the trips from the city center of Samsun to the university were carried out by changing the vehicle and transferring, “In the report entitled as the basis of UKOME's decisions, the Samsun Public Transport Services Reconstruction Study, which was presented as part of the case file, without the use of public transportation and traffic assessment without the evaluation of the travel counts. It was observed that strategic decisions were taken regarding planning. Thus, our delegation concludes that the Restructuring of Samsun Public Transport Services was prepared without scientific studies, which is one of the main principles of Transport and Traffic Engineering. For this reason, it is clear that new problems may occur in the public transportation system in the city as a result of taking 'strategic decisions' without complying with the Transportation Engineering and Urban Planning Principles. ”
The delegation stated in its report that although there is an understanding that there will be no transportation with rubber wheels parallel to the rail system, this understanding is not true in all circumstances. In the report, “During peak hours when there are many passengers, the rail system arrays will not meet the need, the walking distance between the rail system stations and the residential areas towards the south and north direction of the line is mostly above 300 meters, which is the ideal value for pedestrians, although it is not mandatory and natural thresholds The transfer application for feeding the system will direct the passengers who have the opportunity to use private vehicles to travel with their own private vehicles instead of taking advantage of public transportation vehicles. This situation is contrary to the essence and spirit of transportation planning and it means a violation of the principle of public benefit. In addition, giving passengers the right to choose is a situation that should be taken into consideration. ” Considering the expert report, the court canceled the Metropolitan Municipality's decision to change the route.

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