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Minibuses are not public transportation, but over time
Samsun Metropolitan General Secretary Kenan Şara, noting that the minibuses are not public transportation means, especially atakum, Atakent-Faculty all of them will be up in time, he said. Şara said that there is no public transportation method in the world with minibuses and he believes that minibuses will turn into buses.
After the light rail system project has been put into service, Samsun Metropolitan Municipality, which rearranged the routes of minibus lines, had been a court with minibus tradesmen. In the event of large quarrels, minibuses, municipalities 'Bus, take the cake' call could not evaluate the Metropolitan Municipality by taking the new bus, Atakum-Atakent-Faculty route after the new route in the vertical direction of the rail system has opened. However, the passenger capacity of the minibus tradesmen continues to work even though the capacity is greatly reduced.
Making a statement about the situation of minibuses, Metropolitan Municipality Secretary General Kenan Şara said that minibuses are not one of the public transportation vehicles. Stating that there is no such mode of transportation in Europe and in the world, Secretary General Şara stated that they do not obey the calls of the minibus tradesmen to 'get in a bus'. Şara said: “Get on the bus and carry passengers to the rail system, you do all of this transportation. As the municipality, we said 'we don't want to be in this business, let the whole cake be yours'. Busification meant incorporation. They couldn't do it, they couldn't. Carry passengers from Ataturk Boulevard in a way that does not compete with the rail system, but we only have to get bus and company. Now this is the concept in the world. There is no individual transportation, these jobs need to be done by incorporation. In fact, when our friends talk to us, they say that we are right, but they do not want to be corporate. Everyone has a steering wheel right now, when they get to the company they won't have a steering wheel, and the company will become a partner. That doesn't fit in the order they're used to, and they just don't fit it. " he spoke.
Noting that minibuses have a negative impact on traffic flow, especially for the passengers on Atatürk Boulevard, Kenan Şara said: ın Minibuses are more advantageous for some passengers. Citizen says im I get where I want, where I want to stand. This is a good opportunity for me. Et But he doesn't perceive that he has usurped the rights of others. Because he has seen it this way since birth. We will see together in time. We believe that minibus traders will also take the bus. Minibuses will be lifted if we want to or not. This application will be reflected in the number of dolmuş lines within the city in time. Şehir

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