Metrobus Now Lahore

Metrobus Now Lahore
Metrobus, which relieves transportation by carrying 700 thousand passengers every day in Istanbul, is now entering service in Lahore, the capital of the Punjab province of Pakistan. 110 thousand people are expected to benefit from the metrobus investment realized by Albayrak Group.
Metrobus, which is one of the projects developed for the solution of Istanbul's traffic problem and has carried around 2007 thousand passengers a day since its launch, is now preparing to serve in Pakistan, one of the most crowded countries in the world.
As a result of the agreement between Albayrak Holding and Punjab State, the project, which will be started, will cost 300 million dollars. 27 kilometers of the metrobus line, which will consist of 11 stations, is on viaducts. The trips to be made with 170-person-covered metrobuses will take place tomorrow, between the Gajjumata region of Pakistan and the Shahdara region, and the metrobus line will be parked on an area of ​​66 acres.
The opening ceremony will be attended by the Prime Minister of Punjab, the Council of Ministers and executives, as well as Albayrak Holding executives Ahmet Albayrak and Mustafa Albayrak.
With the metrobus project, which is expected to be a solution to the traffic problem in Lahore, Pakistan, initially 45 metrobus will go 300 times a day. 27 kilometers of the route consisting of 11 stations will be located on viaducts.
Not a stranger to Lahore
Albayrak Group previously entered the Lahore city of Pakistan with its Green Men service as part of its overseas activities. As a result of the agreement signed between Albayrak Waste Management Company and local administrators in 2011, Green Men undertook seven-year waste management of half of the city of Lahore. Yeşil Adamlar Waste Management, which costs 320 million dollars, also continues to collect and store waste with a capacity of 4 thousand 220 tons per day and approximately 2 million tons per year with 700 thousand personnel, 1 construction machines.

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