Why not the masjid at the Metrobus stop?

Why not the masjid at the Metrobus stop?
The conditions of life in big cities have reached a level that will prevent people from even worshiping. Busy traffic, especially during the winter months and more easily accessible places put the need for a mosque. Otherwise, it is in danger to make the evening and afternoon prayer on time.
Our “administrators” whose main job is to take into account the needs of the citizens mostly ignore and ignore the demands at this point. Consider Istanbul traffic on a rainy day. from Ikitelli KadıköyYou tried to go to. At best, your two hours can be on the road. You may have serious trouble in making afternoon or evening prayers on time.
So, what is the remedy? “Pockets Yol can be made on the sides of the road where prayer breaks can be made, as well as direction signs for nearby mosques. When such requests are expressed, the duty of the administrators should be to find a solution. Otherwise, you do not want to hear the fatwa and excuses that mean bırak Leave the prayer to the accident ”.
As you know, “metrobus” became one of the most preferred means of transportation in Istanbul. Other vehicles are not preferred in the lines that Metrobus goes. The fact that Metrobus is very preferred brings some needs along with it. One of these is the demand for a mosque at some stops. For example, if you quit your job in Beylikdüzü KadıköyLet's think of someone going to his home in. In the winter months, if he set off without performing the evening prayer, it is very difficult to reach his home before going to bed. So, where will this passenger perform the evening prayer? For this reason, masjids are asked to be built in the main central stops. For example, there is an urgent need for such a masjid at Zincirlikuyu 'transfer stop.
The other day we called İETT (444 1871) and expressed our demand as a citizen. During the altına recorded ”interview, the people concerned took note of our request and said ecek You will be answered within a week”. Indeed, he answered. 23 In January, the reply said: Far Mr. Faruk Çakır, your request has been taken into consideration, especially in our metrobus bus stops, especially when the busy hours, due to the location and conditions of our stops is not appropriate to make masjid. We thank you for your sensitivity and present it to your information. ”
Well, the Washington DC Sustainable Transportation Awards / 2009 Honorable Mention Award (based on IETT's website) and the 59 Dubai. Is this answer to the “metrobus application olan which received the Modal Shift Award of the World Public Transportation Congress? Is this to consider “customer satisfaction?? Gere Due to the location and conditions of our stops, it is not appropriate to make a mosque at our stops ”as a reasonable answer. We are aware of the intensity and inadequacy of the stops, but this request can be responded positively. It is not right to understand the demand of mes We want a masjid at the stops where there is a busy passenger entrance such as Zincirlikuyu aktarma and to answer “No way”. Once in principle, it is necessary to decide whether or not there is a mosque at the stops or in other places where it is needed. Afterwards, if necessary research is carried out and in good faith, the appropriate mosque places can be found. For example, why not the mosque at Zincirlikuyu transfer station? If this is seen as a need, not even on the ground, even under the masjid. If two steel containers are placed there and the mosque is built, what harm will it cause?
Of course, the main issue is that those who feel this need do not persistently express their demands. It is not right not to have trouble and say uz We want a mosque here ”. In the past years, almost no shopping centers (shopping centers) did not have masjids. The demands were voiced and most of them now have masjids. One day tomorrow the masjid will be opened at metrobus stops and should be opened.
Our demand is that the day should not be postponed and the mosques needed in the stops should be opened as soon as possible. Isn't that what customer-focused work is?

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