Archaeological excavations affected the fate of Marmaray

Archaeological excavations affected the fate of Marmaray
Archaeological excavations will determine the fate of the Marmaray Project, which will breathe Istanbul transportation.
Archeological excavations have been carried out since the foundation of the 76-kilometer rail system project. The construction of the stations to be found in Üsküdar, Sirkeci and Yenikapı is delayed due to archaeological excavations.
Marmaray is overwhelmed by archaeological excavations
The Marmaray Project, the foundation of which was laid on May 9, 2004, has been under archaeological excavation for seven months. During the excavations, many finds from the Ottoman, Byzantine and Roman periods were unearthed.
In Marmaray, the goal is to lay a 76-kilometer rail between the city's east and west line. Part of this line will pass through the sea. Archaeological excavations are carried out at Yenikapı, Sirkeci and Üsküdar stations. Excavation in Yenikapı has just ended. 13 archaeologists work in the field.
Belkaya: tir Excavations will not delay Marmaray Bel
Hüseyin Belkaya, Project Manager of Marmaray, argued that excavations would not delay Marmaray.
Regarding the progress of the project, Belkaya said, “We will make a displacement of the traffic in Üsküdar soon. And so we will hand over more areas to the museum staff for excavation. We will start working more intensively by increasing the teams. ”
Marmaray 2010 is in service
“The 2004 excavation was completed in Marmaray. Yenikapı is ok, time is needed in Üsküdar. The excavations will continue by expanding, ”said Belkaya, adding that Sirkeci Station will be filled in August 2005. Stating that archaeological excavations are foreseen studies, Belkaya added that a certain period of time has been reserved for these studies. Marmaray is planned to be opened to commercial operation on March 2010, 15.
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The opening of the world's most beautiful place in Istanbul Marmaray selection despite durumda.herşe about 3 years to have influenced the project of the century Istanbul and worth the wait to be done in Turkey as a settlement of humanity.

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