Kuşkan swiftly reacted to the high speed train

Kuşkan swiftly reacted to the high speed train
The second high-speed train from our province to be passed through the north, the first response to the disclosure of the train will stop at the borders of Kocaeli came from the CHP. CHP Provincial Chairman Yalcin Kuskan, the north of the second high-speed train line passing through Kocaeli, the absence of a station at the 22 kilometers of 2 million people living in the city means to be ignored, he said
CHP Provincial Board meeting was held in Kandıra the previous evening. Before the meeting in Kandıra, Provincial Chairman Yalçın Kuşkan, who came together with the press members in the provincial building, gave information about the party works. Kuşkan said that the second high-speed train line to be built in the north of the city is not even a station with a population of approximately 2 million, indicating that the city was ignored. CHP candidate to be nominated for Mayor candidate. Dr. Cüneyt Özkürkçügil and Professor Dr. Upon questioning the work of Ali Akdemir, Kuşkan said, için Each party member can work for the place he deems worthy, but when the party candidates are announced they should stand behind it. Ali
Kandıra district administration, provincial general and municipal council members and the Provincial administration said that the meeting will hold Kuşkan, Kandıra'nın said the meeting will be addressed. The previous day the EIA meeting was held 2. Kuşkan said, ız Our friends will work for the train line going through the north. With a population of around 2 million, Kocaeli is now a metropolis. The absence of a station in the 22 mileage train line in such a city is to ignore the 2 million people. If the line to be made with the freight transportation to be done in a station in Kocaeli again. That is the negativity of the first EIA meeting. We will see what will happen when the project is fully examined. Proje
Referring to the statement of AKP deputy İlyas Şeker, not coming with CHP professors but with Kılıçdaroğlu, the municipality cannot take place here. Let's see what will happen when you choose to run as mayor in this city. If the AKP shows some of the candidates in this city will not win, AKP he said. Chairman Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu weekend instructors at the certificate ceremony that all the provincial and district heads have given important messages to the Kuşkan said, inde General President to stand, sit and rest, said no. He wanted us to work by restricting even our social life. Sosyal
Prof. Dr. CHP, the mayor of Izmit Municipality to work as candidate candidate. Dr. Prof. Cüneyt Özkürkçügil and the work for Metropolitan Dr. Upon questioning the works of Ali Akdemir, Mr. Kuşkan said, ın Both of our friends are not independent from the organization. Everyone who is a member of the CHP can work for the place he deems worthy. The important thing is that the party's candidates stand behind them. Cüneyt and Ali Hoca are very valuable scientists. This party can do the work you desire, Bu he said.

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