Konya Ankara High Speed ​​Train Is Now Safer

Konya Ankara High Speed ​​Train Is Now Safer
The debate on the consumption of alcoholic beverages and the prohibition of drinking on the high-speed train in the Ankara High Speed ​​Train in Konya resulted in the result and the sale of alcohol was stopped.
New developments in the sale of drinks on the high-speed train, which has been on the agenda for a while in Konya. The Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) by 'passengers uncomfortable' sale of alcoholic beverages on the grounds stopped. Train passengers, '' not left '' when they want alcoholic drinks in the menu of the train restaurant. TCDD officials on the issue, all the voyages that there is a ban on alcohol, but departed from Konya and Konya departed from the sale of alcohol services stopped the sale of alcohol.
Konya Yeşilay Association President Sabri Pişkin said that some citizens complained about the alcohol consumption in Konya-Ankara High Speed ​​Train and said olduğun Tobacco Alcohol Supervision Board carries out many studies related to the limitation of alcohol sales. Such a ban on the high-speed train is an important step in this regard. Many citizens were complaining about the sale of drinks. There has been a decision in place. Yer
In Turkey, noted that done very serious work regarding non Pişkin, stated that alcohol also studies towards ensuring the same stability, "Turkey is making efforts to reduce alcohol consumption in the context of European standards. In alcohol, such restrictions will be brought soon, Alkol he said. Reminded that the world of alcohol consumption and the prohibitions of alcohol consumption is beginning to remind the boggle, lam After a certain time in Russia, the sale of alcohol was banned. It was very good to have such a ban on the high-speed train. Hızlı
Konya Non-Governmental Organizations President Latif Selvi stated that the decision to stop the sale of drinks in Konya flights was a good decision. “Both the politicians of Konya and non-governmental organizations worked intensively to ban the drink on the high-speed train. They didn't respond to these requests in a long time. Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu also banned alcohol consumption. We are very pleased with the ban. Yas
Selvi noted that people who did not drink on the high-speed train were uncomfortable. Ğ People who didn't drink were uncomfortable. There were negativities. Thanks to this ban, people who drink cannot disturb people who don't drink. Bu
Do they not see TRAFFIC ACCIDENTS?
Selvi said that he could not understand the people who opposed the ban on the high-speed train. They don't watch traffic accidents every day? Many of these accidents are caused by alcohol, Bu he said.
Selvi pointed out that no one has the right to disturb another human being. Even the sale of alcoholic beverages should be stopped in all public places. Hatta Selvi said that they are restraining the freedom of the defenders of the prohibitions. Kayd The basic view of these people lies in their lack of religious values. They did not give the same reaction to the ban on smoking because there is no explicit ban on smoking in our religion. Aynı Lastly, Selvi said that the prohibition of the drink that disturbed other people was a positive decision and he wanted this to be applied in all public institutions.

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