Kayseri Yerköy YHT Project

ankara sivas speed train project 2020ye remained
ankara sivas speed train project 2020ye remained

What is the Status of Kayseri Yerköy YHT Project: Speaking in the practice of the deputy organized by the AK Party Kayseri Provincial Directorate, Kayseri Deputy Yaşar Karayel made a statement about the high-speed train line project to be built between Kayseri and Yerköy. "You will aim first, then you will realize," said Karayel.
Kayseri-Yerköy 139, which will be done in the two-speed high-speed train project stating that Karayel, belirten Kayseri-Yerkoy 139 double-line speed train project to be done two years ago is over. We acted early. Kayseri public, but now the Ankara-Sivas high-speed train project between Ankara-Kirikkale, Kirikkale-Yerkoy (Yozgat) and Yozgat-Sivas between the projects before the completion of Kayseri's fast train project can not do, "he said.

Karayel said that there is no place to go to Kayseri-Yerköy train line and said, Kar The main line should be finished so that the main line in Kayseri can reach to Istanbul line. The main line is finished by the government. There is no problem in our high speed train project in Kayseri. What is important is the completion of the project between Ankara and Sivas. 5 is a billion-dollar project, this is a large sum and this project should be finished. X
Karayel, the train line to be delayed with the following words:

“Is the reason for a little delay due to the State Railways, the crossing route in Elmadağ, through the Elmadağ tunnel or the viaduct over the existing line? It was due to the project work on him. Now there are tenders. Building a railroad is not like making a flat plain. High speed trains should be on a certain slope. It is not a very fast road technique. In this respect, I guess that the Kayseri-Yerköy line will actually start as soon as it is over. That road ends in two or three years. Kayseri Yerköy line is put out to tender at the end stage. This is a 500m-euro project. Our goal is to ensure that this project flows to Antalya via Nevşehir-Aksaray-Konya. AK Party's 2023 vision is included in this project. Surveys are being conducted here, some of them are over. When the project is over, our winter tourism investment and cultural investments in Kayseri, our historical texture, will have captured Antalya in the Cappadocia region. The sea, culture, history, tourism will be mutually exclusive. Tourists coming to Antalya will be provided to Cappadocia, Kayseri and Erciyes.




    1. Brother, that project is going on. You can tender here, it will take 3-4 years.