Haydarpaşa Protection project to double the case

Haydarpaşa Protection project to double the case
KadıköyThe civil war is ongoing for the protection (!) plan, which determines the location of the Ataturk Monument as the Fair and Fairground area, foresees the Haydarpasa Train Station and opens its surroundings to commercial construction. The first reaction to the plan came from the citizen, but 5379 KadıköyPeter's appeals were rejected by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Council.
The issue is now being moved to the Regional Administrative Court. For the cancellation of the decision, two separate petitions signed by the president and citizen Selami Öztürk are ready. With Haydarpaşa Environment Kadıköy Öztürk, who also prepared a study on how the Square should be, says: The plan they make is called 'Protection Purpose' but; nothing protected. The Council of Monuments decided to continue the historical function of Haydarpaşa Station. Despite this, there is a large density of construction around Haydarpaşa Station. The lower part of the bridge is immediately reserved for commercial space. If we consider the traffic situation of the city, we will have big problems here. The expression of 'Cultural facility, lower floors station, upper floors accommodation facility' is used for Haydarpaşa Station. So a nostalgic train will come there, and the hotel will be again. However, tourism and accommodation area is located right behind the station. The square where the Atatürk Monument, which is reserved for the fair and the fair, is used as a ceremony area. KadıköyThey should see the sea comfortably, and they should be arranged as green areas and sightseeing areas. Large areas of İSKİ and İspark close to the square are very suitable for the fair.

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