Metro İzban Survey of Izmir Cyclists Concluded

Metro İzban Survey of Izmir Cyclists Concluded
1579 people attended the survey online.
With the decision taken by the Metro and Izban administration in Izmir, the trains became available for bicycles as of January 1, 2013. This decision, albeit a little late, made bicycle users happy. However, the list of prohibitions that started with the application and did not have a meaningful explanation made the decisions inapplicable. Cyclists from Izmir, who tried to make their voices heard by the Metro and Izban management in every way, recently conducted an online questionnaire that was answered by approximately 1600 people. The survey results, which were intensely answered by cycling users, showed that there were difficulties in implementation.
Below are some of the results of the survey that you can reach to the details:
The questionnaire was answered by 1352 people from their own computer, 227 people from the computer set up in the Decathlon Store, 1146 men, 433 women, 90% of the participants are university graduates, 1304 are using bicycles, 70% of the limited hours have been lifted, 25% Wants to expand the time interval, 53% of respondents said that there are no restrictions on the transportation of bicycles, while approximately 40% state that escalators or elevators can be used, and the result of fee application is as follows, 70% of the participants also charge for the bicycle. In order to encourage the use of bicycles in transportation, 25% said that the passenger who came with his bicycle should not be charged.
As a result, we can say that after a 2-month application, 90% of bicycle users think that the existing applications should be reviewed.
Details of the survey results can be found at the links below.

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