İMO Bursa Branch President Sahin advises the route for YHT

İMO Bursa Branch President Sahin advises the route for YHT
We lost a lot of time with the discussions whether the train will come to Bursa or not for many years.
Studies have started.
As a result, YHT will come up to several years.
The new discussion is about the route.
YHT next but where should it come from?
Should there be additional routes?
The academic rooms that want to add to the answers of these questions feel the need to share their views with the public when the road is close.
Yesterday, the head of İMO Bursa Branch Necati Şahin appeared before the press.
İMO Bursa Branch first stated that they support YHT project
Then he shared with the public the problems they saw as a room through the press members.
According to Sahin, amış the construction of some tunnels and viaducts has not yet started due to the problems experienced in expropriations Şahin
Specifically, the Istanbul-İzmir Highway project, which will bring the city between Bursa and Istanbul closer, said that the high-speed train was thought to be integrated as well. Olarak The railway line, which was planned to be built in the Gulf, was removed with the decision taken later. We believe that as the Chamber of Civil Engineers, the line will reach Gebze via Bursa, Gemlik and Yalova. This is the unmissable opportunity of this century. Bu
When you reach Gebze over the Bursa - Gemlik - Yalova - Körfez bridge with the High Speed ​​Train Line;
Şahin announced that the distance between Bursa and Istanbul will decrease to 30 minutes, Bursa to Ankara: 2 hours and 15 minutes, Bursa to İzmir: 1 hour 30 minutes, and Şahin announced.
When the 30 from Bursa to Istanbul falls to the minute, is it possible to have sea and airways?
This is a topic of discussion.

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