Dutch Labor Party opposes the privatization of railways

📩 25/11/2018 18:46

Dutch Labor Party opposes the privatization of railways
In the Netherlands, the coalition partner of the Liberal Party (VVD), Labor Party (PvdA) opposes the EU Commission's privatization plan of the railways.
Labor Party MP Duco Hoogland, the privatization of the railroad, traveling by rail in the EU claimed that the coup will blow.
MP Duco Hooghland noted that with the privatization of the railways, many companies demand different prices, which will cause difficulties. Hooghland said, “If railways are to be changed, investment should be made in safety and quality service rather than privatization. Otherwise, this may lead to chaos. " said.
Workers' Party MP Hooghland stated that if at least a third of the parliaments of EU member states oppose this proposal, the EU Commission might reconsider its proposal.
The EU Commission plans to privatize the railways by the tender procedure since 2019. The Netherlands has opened some of its railways for privatization.

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