Revision of Bursa High Speed ​​Train

High Speed ​​Train
Chamber of Civil Engineers (İMO) Bursa Branch Chairman Necati Sahin, high-speed train project has been canceled Gürsu station, the central station in the district of Emek in the request of the Metropolitan Municipality was taken into the 150 meter, he said.
Necati Şahin, the chairman of İMO Bursa Branch, who evaluated the construction of the high-speed railway line and the Gulf Transition, explained that the high-speed train project offers great opportunities for transportation and trade.
Şahin stated that in addition to the station planned to be built in Gürsu in the Bursa stage, one of the two stations to be established in Yenişehir has been canceled. Stating that an integrated station will be built at Yenişehir Airport, Şahin said, “The station to be established in Emek Mahallesi will be pulled inside 150 meters, not by the roadside, with the proposal of the Metropolitan Municipality. Thus, the number of stations in Bursa decreases. The high-speed train will facilitate trade and transportation between Istanbul and Bursa ”.
High-speed train line to be the only way to cancel the Gulf transition Sahin, the high-speed train to take the agenda again between the Istanbul-Bursa 75 will fall to the kilometer. He noted that the highway route and the high-speed train should go in an integrated way. “Existing road 280 kilometers. It's not right to extend this road. The shortening of the road will also stimulate trade. A re-addition of the railway or a new train crossing should be made. If the high-speed train project is implemented Bursa-Ankara 2 hour 15 minutes, Bursa-Izmir 1 hours 30 minutes, Istanbul-Izmir 2 hours, Istanbul-Ankara 2 hours will be in 30 minutes, a he said.

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