High Speed ​​Train Project works uninterruptedly

High Speed ​​Train Project works uninterruptedly
The works of Gebze and Köseköy are under construction.
Within the scope of the High-Speed ​​Train Project, long-time efforts between Gebze and Köseköy have been gradually shaped. The distance between Istanbul and Ankara will go down to 56 hours with the completion of the 3 km. Within the scope of this project, the share of 10 with 78 will be increased to 8. With the end of the project, our country is 6. XNUMX in Europe. high speed train operator. With this project, which connects the two largest cities of our country, social, economic and cultural shopping will increase between the cities and will be ready with the transportation infrastructure of our country which is in the process of membership of the European Union.

Source: ww.cagdaskocaeli.com.tr

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