High Speed ​​Train does not stop in Gebze

It is not a matter of mind that the High Speed ​​Train does not stop in Gebze: The subject at the regular weekly meeting of the Felicity Party Gebze District Youth Branch was that YHT would not stop in Gebze.
On the agenda of the meeting, there was the National Education Begins program hosted by Gebze Party Youth Branch Headquarters last weekend and hosted by Gebze. Thanks to the members of the youth branches who contributed to the training program, Saadet Party Gebze District Youth Branch President Muhammet Günler, the Ministry of Transport and the TCDD officials regarding the high-speed train (YHT) project, which is expected to reduce transportation between Ankara and Istanbul to 2 hours at the end of the meeting, but is declared not to stop in Gebze. He made criticisms by saying 'it is not mental business'.
You can't see GEBZE
The fact that the YHT project, which is one of the rare projects of the AKP government, which will provide good accessibility for the citizens who have to use the Ankara-Istanbul line continuously, will not stop in Gebze and this is a complete scandal for Gebze and our region. Gebze, Darıca, Çayırova and Dilovası'nın based on the population of this region 700 thousand to the idea of ​​the establishment of a railway station even not think of any authority 'This city is so unattended' questions, while bringing the importance of the managers of the region shows the importance and value to Gebze. From here we are addressing the authorities in the YHT project in the name of our local people; Gebze and region can not ignore, can not ignore, high-speed train does not stop in Gebze is not mind business. The AKP government wanted to make a good project in the 11 yearly ruling, and he's taken it into his hands. AKP

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