History of High Speed ​​Train destroyed (Photo Gallery)

High Speed ​​Train has destroyed history
The 1800-year-old Roman period chamber-type tomb, discovered during the High Speed ​​Train (YHT) Project works in Kocaeli, was destroyed despite the warning of the museum authorities. While the incident was reported to the police, a criminal complaint was filed against the employees of the contractor company.
A structure was found during the high-speed train work in the Mithatpaşa Bridge, which was destroyed due to the YHT project, in Cumhuriyet Mahallesi Mithatpaşa Street. When the citizens living around saw the building, they reported it to the Museum Directorate. Museum Directorate officials came to the region at around 11.00:14.00 and examined the building. The museum officials stated that the building has a historical nature and demanded that the work be stopped. Then, while the officials returned to the museum directorate to write an official letter, the contractor company employees started to demolish the building despite the warning at around XNUMX:XNUMX.
Museum Director İlksen Özbay and Provincial Culture Director Adnan Zamburkan, upon hearing about this situation, reached out to the employees of the contractor company via the phone and asked them to stop the work immediately. However, the site manager gave instructions to the operator to continue the demolition, claiming that the building has no history. Despite all the warnings made by the Museum Directorate teams at the scene, the demolition took place. Then, Museum Director İlksen Özbay and Provincial Culture Director Adnan Zamburkan came to the scene and called the police on the grounds that the history was destroyed. İzmit District Police Chief Güner Yılmaz and many teams came to the region. Contractor company officials claimed that they were doing government work and would not give a statement without an official from the State Railways and that the structure was a water channel. The officials of the Museum Directorate filed a criminal complaint against the contractor company with the Public Prosecutor's Office for 'damaging the historical artifact'.
İlksen Özbay said, “We got news at 11.00:3. We went there and found that it was a room-type tomb belonging to the 2rd century Roman Period. We came to the Museum Directorate to prepare a report. We would number our historical artifact and take it to the museum within XNUMX days. Our history is gone. We follow the laws of the state. But the contractor company behaved very rude, destroyed history. We initiated the necessary legal proceedings, we filed a criminal complaint about the contractor company to the public prosecutor's office ”.

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