Theft From High Speed ​​Train Construction Site | Yozgat

Theft from the Construction of High Speed ​​Train Construction
In Yozgat, 5 people were detained on the allegation of stealing from construction sites in regions where high-speed train line works continue.
Yozgat Provincial Gendarmerie Command teams launched an investigation into the disappearance of 10 tons of steel molds with a market value of 3 thousand liras from the high-speed train construction site in the village of Salmanfakılı. The teams detained HB and S.S, who allegedly stole the molds.
Another robbery incident occurred in the construction site of the high-speed train line in Sorgun district.
The work machines used in the construction sites in the village of Dişli MD, MD, and HD were caught in fuel tanks with fuel tanks.
The suspects were transferred to the Yozgat Courthouse after their actions in the gendarmerie.

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