President Kadir Topbastan Beylikdüzü Metro Gospel

President Kadir Topbastan Beylikdüzü Metro Gospel
Kadir Topbaş, Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, gave the good news of the subway construction to be built between Bahçelievler and Beylikdüzü during his visit to Beylikdüzü AK Party District Presidency. Noting that the metro is in the 2013 program, Topbaş said, “The metro route will not be in line with the metrobus. "In some districts, it will enter the inner regions and reach the dense population there and come to Beylikdüzü."
Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Architect Kadir Topbaş visited the AK Party District Presidency of Beylikdüzü. AK Party Istanbul deputy Hakan Sukur, Beylikduzu Mayor Yusuf Uzun and AK Party Beylikduzu District President Ibrahim Bülbüllü'nun visit, President Topbas Istanbul and Beylikduzu for the news of the good news. Expressing that they will bring the metro after metrobus to Beylikdüzü, Mayor Topbaş said that the transportation problem in Istanbul will be solved to a great extent and new changes will be made to the metrobus. AK Party members of the Provincial Organization of Breakfast with the President of the Topbas and Deputy Şükür district of the Youth and Women's Branch came together.
Mayor of Beylikdüzü, Yusuf Uzun, paid a visit to Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Kadir Topbaş, who paid a visit to the district. kazanThanks for the services rendered. Mentioning that the metrobus is a great blessing for the region, Mayor Uzun stated that Beylikdüzü will become one of the most important districts of Istanbul with the start of the metro. The metrobus brought to Beylikdüzü is actually an unconsidered project; President Topbaş, who stated that it was implemented in line with intense insistence because there were problems in transportation, however, mentioned that the metrobus transportation could not fully meet the needs of Istanbul and gave the news about the metro plan at the meeting.
Mayor Topbaş stated that the metron was in the 2013 year program and said “We aim to complete the tender and start the works in this year. Metro will be made from Bahçelievler to Beylikdüzü; but the metro route will not be in line with the metrobus. In some districts, entering the inner regions will reach the densely populated and there will come to Beylikdüzü. Bazı
Referring to the spread of the metron all over Istanbul metrobus burden will be reduced President Topbas, at the same time stressed that the vehicles will be enlarged. Topbas stated that buses brought from the Netherlands can be enlarged with features such as wagon insertion thanks to the electronic systems of the buses. We are thinking about making new additions to the metrobus and relieving transportation Met.

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