Gospel TCDD Made a Discount of 50 for Pets

Gospel TCDD Made a Discount of 50 for Pets
The Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) by signing a new application, in order to carry pets in addition to animal lovers 50 percent discount on tickets will be made to the animals.
Tcdd's new application made animal lovers smile. In the transportation sector where air and land transportation companies do not look very favorable to pets, Tcdd made a first in the transportation sector and made animal lovers happy. Passengers with pets will now have a 1% discount with their pets, which they previously bought full tickets with, after the implementation that came into effect on February 50.
Regional directorates were warned by Tcdd about the tariffs to be applied on mainline passenger trains. In the warning made, “Provided that the identity card and veterinary health report are kept, the fee to be applied to small pets to be carried with the passenger will be applied, according to the train to be transported and the distance, the 50 percent discounted fare column in the fare table of the train. During the computerized ticket sales, the 'small pet' option will be selected from the tariff add-on and the sales will be made. A 50% discount option on the regional sales screen will be used for small animal transports on regional trains. A seat will be given side by side for the passenger and the pet accompanying him ”statements were reported to the train stations in writing.
Stating that they are satisfied with the new application, Nino Kılıçkıran said, “Personally, I was very happy as an animal lover. The Republic of Turkey State Railways, and I thank this practice too. We can buy half-price tickets and travel comfortably without any problems. "We even went to Ladik by buying tickets with my cat 'Strawberry". "
Stating that there were people coming to Samsun from the surrounding districts and provinces to show their animals to the veterinarian, Nino Kılıçkıran said, “Since traveling with animals was a problem, these people could come to Samsun by renting a private car or taxi. With this application, animals will both travel for half price and will go and come in peace ”.
Authorities, citizens do not know much from this application yet, stating that the learners were surprised.

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