Haydarpaşa is my childhood

Haydarpaşa is my childhood
The project, which transformed the Haydarpaşa Station, coastal and port area, was protested yesterday with international protests. The action in Istanbul took place on the stairs of Haydarpaşa Train Station.
Political parties, non-governmental organizations and citizens participating in the action organized by Haydarpaşa Solidarity against the "Haydarpaşa Train Station and Port Transformation Project" said "Haydarpaşa belongs to the people" and reiterated their opposition to the project.
The project was protested in Brussels and Bucharest, as well as in the train stations of Germany and the Netherlands.
"Haydarpaşa is my childhood"
Tugay Kartal: I work as Chief Reporter at Haydarpaşa Train Station. Our legal and street struggle against the project has been going on since 2004. Haydarpaşa is a point where people meet each other. A gateway to Asia and Europe. When people come here, they realize that they are coming to Istanbul.
Serdar Orçin: Haydarpaşa is the place where “Human Landscapes from My Country” begins. The idea that this place belongs to others bothers me. We have started to lose such values ​​in recent years. The fact that the officers in charge of protecting this place see this as a matter of rent and make transformation projects disturbs us as citizens. This place is very precious to us. "
İdil Özsöyler: This is a part of Istanbul as I was born and raised in Istanbul. This project opens the coast from Harem to Moda for construction and capital and actually forbids people from entering here. On the other hand, what does it mean that Haydarpaşa is not used for transportation? This project is unacceptable, we must resist.
Fatoş Çırnaz: I am here as a representative of the Greens and Left Future Party and an Istanbulite. Haydarpaşa is the identity of Istanbul. People do not need a shopping center, cultural buildings must be protected. Haydarpaşa is my childhood, there are movies I watched in the summer cinema. Architecturally, it is a very valuable building. The identity of the city must not be destroyed.

Source : www.bianet.org

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