Haydarpaşa is one step closer to being a hotel

Haydarpaşa is one step closer to being a hotel
The Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, Kadıköy Petitioning the Square and Haydarpaşa Train Station project Kadıköydid not accept the objection of the people.
KadıköyThe location of Atatürk Monument in Istanbul is determined as Fair and Fairground, Haydarpaşa Railway Station includes the hotel and its surroundings, and the Haydarpaşa Railway Station. Kadıköy Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Council, discussing the objections to the Square Plan, among them Kadıköy He decided to refuse 5379 objection petitions, of which the Municipality also had a petition.
Kadıköy Mayor Selami Öztürk said they would take the matter to the judiciary.
With Haydarpaşa Station prepared by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Kadıköy The Master Plan for the Protection of the Square and its Surroundings came to the agenda a while ago, but caused reactions from many sections. In the Plan prepared by the Metropolitan Municipality, wreaths were held during the national holidays. Kadıköy Atatürk Monument and the square were not included, fair and fairgrounds were placed in the same area. Haydarpaşa Train Station was determined as the accommodation and cultural facility area that allowed hotels to be built.
Haydarpaşa Train Station reflected to the public with the aim of removing the Atatürk Monument and Kadıköy Both Square Plan Kadıköy Municipality's KadıköyNoting that they have objection Kadıköy Mayor Selami Öztürk, KadıköyHe said that the objectors objected to the plan with their petitions. Öztürk emphasized that the issue has received a lot of reaction both in the press and the public, and that 5 thousand 379 citizens have made their objection with the petition concrete, and stated that the objections were not taken into consideration.
President Öztürk said:
“The name of the plan is with Haydarpaşa Station Kadıköy The Master Plan for the Protection of the Square and its Environment, however, there is nothing protected in this plan. The Board of Monuments decided to continue the historical function of Haydarpaşa Train Station. Despite this, there is a great density of construction around Haydarpaşa Train Station. Haydarpaşa Train Station uses the expression 'cultural facility, accommodation area, lower floors station, upper floors accommodation facility'. In other words, a nostalgic train will come there and they will build a hotel. However, a tourism and accommodation area was placed right behind the station. While these are there, why is a station built again for accommodation? "
President Öztürk, said:
Stating that instead of the Atatürk monument, a fair and fair area is considered, “In the plan, the square where the Atatürk Monument is located is separated as an area of ​​4 square meters and it was planned as a fair, fair and festival area. Other than the place where Atatürk Monument is located, no other place was found for the fair area. However, İSKİ and İspark have large areas close to the square. These sections are suitable for the fair. We Kadıköysaying we want a square worthy of KadıköyWe objected to the plan with the seniors. However, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Council rejected all of the objections by submitting the report of the Reconstruction Commission, which discussed the objections in its session on February 15. KadıköyThey did not take into account any opinion or objection of the public. However, we cannot accept this. We take the matter to the judiciary. We will file a case with the Regional Administrative Court for the cancellation of the plan. This plan is ours and KadıköyIt was done without the opinion of the people. We have objections and we will seek our rights through legal means, ”he said.

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