Haydarpasa Train Station and Solidarity

haydarpasa garinda 367 week nobet why don't stop
haydarpasa garinda 367 week nobet why don't stop

Haydarpaşa Train Station and Solidarity: Many non-governmental organizations and political parties participated in the event organized by Haydarpaşa Solidarity due to the closure of the train services from Haydarpaşa Station to Anatolia and the Haydarpaşa Station and Port Project. KadıköyPeople and Istanbulites participated ...

İstanbul Kadıköy The group, who came together at Iskele Square, came to Haydarpasa Train Station with the words' Train to Susma Diren Haydarpasa, Our Transportation Right Cannot Be Blocked, Haydarpasa Will Not Be Without Vapors' ', behind the banner that reads' Haydarpasa Solidarity'. The group conducted a representative train.
Society For City and Environment - Orhan Kurtulmuş read a press release on behalf of Haydarpaşa Solidarity ...

Full Text of the Press Release;

Since 2004, the AKP government has been persistently striving to loot the Haydarpaşa Station, Coastal and Port area, which is our social memory as well as the "Urban and Historical Site", together with its surroundings using "scientific and irrational" methods.
"Law and democracy" has been trampled in this process, in which history, natural and cultural values, urbanism principles, scientific reports, and social reactions are not taken into account.

Haydarpaşa Station building was burned two years ago, despite the democratic reactions and social sensitivities in the efforts to defend Haydarpaşa, which has been carried out for 9 years as Haydarpaşa Solidarity; One year ago, the station connection to Anatolia was cut off; The "RANT PLAN" named "PROTECTION" has been put into effect and works have been accelerated for the construction of the region.

We condemn those who make this "plunder and plunder" decision, which is a black stain on our public administration, planning, protection and legal history!

As a continuation of our legal struggle, a lawsuit has been filed with the aim of stopping the execution and canceling the "Plan for Protection", which is clearly in violation of "universal protection principles and our protection law" and accepted by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality with the votes of the AKP council members ...

We expect the judicial process to be waited in order to avoid "fait accompli" and the judiciary to rapidly execute an "independent and legally based decision process" ...

In today's conditions where lawlessness, irregularity and madness have become “principles”, we are experiencing the difficulty of protecting the values ​​of the city, environment, public and labor. We are aware that the road to dictatorship is knitted by tribute-auction sale of public assets and rent. On the other hand, we are aware and believe that our social sensitivity and solidarity will overcome all difficulties ...

As Haydarpaşa Solidarity, we reiterate once again that we, as Haydarpaşa Solidarity, are determined to defend Haydarpaşa and its surroundings together with all its values ​​in the 9th year of our struggle against looting, the 1st year of our Sunday shift and the 35th week of our Thursday meetings.

We are sensitive yuttas in front of the historical Haydarpaşa Station, KadıköyWe, as the people of Üsküdar and Istanbul, declare once again that we will not allow “pillage and rentier”!
Haydarpaşa belongs to the people, the people will stay…!

Source : I www.istanbulgercegi.co



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