Haydarpaşa Train Station for Europe

Hundreds of people will march with torch to protest the closure of Haydarpasa Station to trains to Anatolia. Support is also available in Luxembourg, Romania and Germany.
Some train services at Haydarpaşa Station, which is among the symbols of Istanbul and whose roof was completely burned 2 years ago, will be protested for a year. Hundreds of people will come together with the slogan “We are walking to Haydarpaşa Station” Kadıköywill gather in Istanbul and walk the garage with torches in their hands.
The march, led by the Haydarpaşa Initiative, which wants to continue its protests every Thursday and Sunday with great action today, will take place at 18.30 Kadıköy It will start at Pier Square. United Transport Union, Chamber of Architects Istanbul Branch and Liman-İş Union will participate in the protest of Haydarpaşa Initiative.
There is action in Europe
On the other hand, for the first time in various cities of Europe will be held for the Haydarpasa Gar. In front of the European Parliament in Luxembourg, Turkish citizens will gather for the station.
Turks will come together with the initiative of Ekmel Çizmecioğlu, working at the European Parliament Human Rights Commission, and will explain the process Haydarpaşa Trainers will undergo and their transformation. Germany's various train stations will be held in Haydarpaşa Train Station. There will also be events supporting the action at the large train station in Bucharest.
Port project
The planlan Haydarpaşa Train Station and Port Project m launched in 2004 is planning to transform the 1 million square meters area into a commercial and business center. With the thought that the Haydarpaşa Train Station will be transformed into a hotel every day and cultural heritage will be lost, 1 has been organizing actions for years.

Source: Nationality



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