Peker: TÜDEMSAŞ is not a obstacle

Peker: TÜDEMSAŞ is not a obstacle
Udem Hak-Sen Vice President Abdullah PEKER said that TÜDEMSAŞ has undertaken the most important task in the development of Sivas. In his written statement, Peker said: “A number of NGOs related to TÜDEMSAŞ, one of the few institutions left in Sivas, have made unfortunate statements that they are an obstacle to the development of our city. TÜVASAŞ located in Adapazar and TÜLOMSAŞ General Directorates in Eskişehir operate in the exact provinces they are located in. There is an important difference, while NGOs in Adapazarı and Eskişehir support these organizations to provide more employment, unfortunately in Sivasta this situation is not the opposite. they are being. Tüdemsaş employees and citizens of Sivas know very well the transportation of TÜDEMSAŞ, which has been heated like temcid pilaf for years and placed in front of Sivas, who is and for what purpose.
A German citizen who worked in the construction of Tüdemsaş many years ago met a fellow citizen from Sivas and then asked the following question. ”TÜDEMSAŞ” Did I reach out to Kızılırmak? We know that it did not extend to the river, it was not developed, the permanent staff of civil servants was reduced, once around five thousand workers and five hundred civil servants were employed in our establishment, currently 920 workers and 313 civil servants work.
When you built factories, we opposed us and said that when you expand the employment areas, we would not have us. We tell the circles that want to finish in Tüdemsaşı because they made up and for absurd reasons; If Tüdemsaş is finished, it will end in Sivas. An official said that after fifty years, Sivas's population could not even be 350 thousand. Yes, it is very true. With this head, Sivas will be a province that emigrates even after a hundred years.
In our company 2012 480 Wagon manufacturing in 2505 and 145 units provided an average XNUMX million TL input to Sivas National Economy. they say, success
Even making up for the promise of moving will be the biggest damage done to Sivas. Our advice to those who tire of their brains on Tüdemsaş's lodging and land and how to eat these places; Bridal TÜDEMSAŞ Supported by hand with the unity of a point to carry it much higher, and the number of workers thirty years of work Let's move to the previous position so you do not do favors to Sivaslılara and Turkey.
As a result, Tudemsash is not an obstacle to anything.

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