Habibi Neccar Mountain Ropeway Line Will Open In June (Photo Gallery)

Habibi Neccar Mountain Ropeway Line to Open in June
Kuruyer Village Social Assistance and Solidarity Association President Hayrettin Türkmen and board members, Antakya Mayor Assoc. He paid a courtesy visit to Lütfü Savaş.
In addition to the President of the Association Hayrettin Turkmen, the board members Serdar Yilmaz Sarac, Mustafa Aksoy, Mustafa Yersoken and Kuruyer Primary School Director Izzet Hanyol took place.
President of Kuruyer Village Social Assistance and Solidarity Association Hayrettin Türkmen said in his speech that the cable car which will be built between Habib-i Neccar Mountain and İplik Pazarı location will bring great mobility to Kuruyer village which is close to the region. he said.
Antakya Mayor Assoc. Lütfü Savaş expressed his pleasure for the visit and said, fer We aim to offer the cable car service in June. The cable car that will be able to transport our average 1200 people per hour will change the face of our city and Kuruyer. Local and foreign tourists will take a very important place in Antakya trip. The project will contribute greatly to urban tourism. With the ropeway line, the social facilities such as the view terraces, urban forests and rural coffeehouses will bring vitality to our city and make the region a center of attraction. These investments will also increase the value of surrounding residential areas.

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