South African ambassador to the local tram admired the silkworm (Photo Gallery)

South African Ambassador Indigenous Tram Admired Silkworm
Mayor of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Recep Altepe welcomed Vika Mazwi, Ambassador of South Africa to Ankara. Ambassador Mazwi said he especially liked the local tram with Silkworm design.
President Altepe met with Ambassador Vika Mazwi at the Historical City Hall in the Sculpture. Introducing Bursa, President Altepe also gave detailed information to Ambassador Mazwi about the local tramway, the car parking system and stadium investments. Native tram the first time in Turkey produced and that a private firm as a municipality in this regard to advisory services, giving President Altepe stating that they direct the company, however, said a private firm by the municipality or via storey car park system produced by routing 24 square-meter area 12 can be the vehicle is parked. Dr. Altepe, who expressed that they manage Bursa with expert staff who are trained in engineering and to lead the emergence of domestic brands, said that they reduced their investment costs in 3 by 1 after the enterprises. President Altepe, 'Before the Silkworm tram, we were taking a carriage to 3 million euros. With the introduction of the tram, the figure dropped to 2 million euros Tram. President Altepe, similar methods, such as car parks and stadiums in other investments are also applied, so they have achieved significant savings from the annual budget, he said.
Ambassador Mazwi said he was especially impressed with the tram production. noting Mazw major shortcoming in this area of ​​the country, he said they are ready to make alliances with Turkey and Bursa in this respect. After the visit, President Altepe, Ambassador Mazwi'ya gave the Bursa knife.

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